Treatment of BCCs

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Published on Sunday, 19 July 2009 14:14
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What is the best treatment for basal cell carcinomas?


This is a frequently asked question by many individuals with skin cancer.  The age of the individual, underlying medical conditions, type, location and size of the skin cancer are all crucial factors that affect the decision of which treatment is best.   

Individuals with Gorlin Syndrome require special consideration because of the possibility of developing multiple skin cancers.

Cancer of the skin is generally grouped into non-melanoma (basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma (pigmented) types. In Gorlin Syndrome, basal cell carcinoma (BCCs) are the predominant type, hence the following information is mainly applicable to this form of skin cancer.

Currently, there are multiple treatments available for non-melanoma skin cancer. The ideal treatment should be one that most effectively eradicates the cancer, maximally spares normal skin, is painless, without side effects, and heals rapidly with minimal scarring. Each individual skin cancer(s) may demonstrate different features that make one of the treatments below more effective than the others.

It is important that all individuals diagnosed with skin cancer have enough information on all possible treatment options to be able to make the best choice of treatment. The best treatment is one that is selected, by the individual and physician, after reaching a complete understanding of the available treatments.

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