Cyclists arrive in Scotland

Lands End to John O'Groats (LEJOG) arrive in Scotland.

The team of cyclists arrived at the Scottish border earlier today following three days of riding since leaving Kidderminster on Tuesday. The journey brought many challenges as indicated by David Rowley's update. 

Day 4 (Tuesday) complete but wow what a day! 4 miles out from Kidderminster Darren's bike frame broke meaning a total write off.  2 hours later and a 2nk bike from the amazing Spokes Bikes of Kidderminster and we were back in business. Highlight of the days was our wives meeting us at 70 miles.  We made cracking progress and then a road closure due to a nasty road accident and air ambulance in attendance. 15 miles of diversion in heavy traffic via Old Trafford which had a home match on!  Cue heavy rain shortly followed by one of the lads falling from his bike. Luckily nothing broken but starting to get dark. 4 miles from our hotel and cue puncture. We rolled in at 8.20 pm, 12 hours after starting. Despite all this the cycling itself was great and we are now spirits and enjoying a beer. People said LEJOG would be a test but we possibly had not anticipated it quite in this way.  Tomorrow is 100 miles to Penrith with the highlight being a 1400 foot climb over Shap Fell.  Bring it on Jody Hayes, John O'Callaghan and Simon Sid Green.                                                                                   

Wednesday and day 5 of LEJOG done and now in sunny Penrith in Cumbria Northern England. Finally an uneventful day! Roll on Scotland tomorrow where we stay at the lovely Doubletree in Strathclyde. 

News came through from Verity (David's wife) early this afternoon to confirm the group had reached the Scottish border.  Still on route to their hotel for the evening but making exceptional progress as they head further north.  Well done and best wishes to each of the cyclists. 

Any one wishing to support David in his challenge then kindly visit his page here.

Thank you for reading. 

Arrival in Scotland 
















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