Dental Cone Beam CT -v- Convential CT Scans

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 16:39
Published on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 16:39
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Dental Cone Beam CT is an alternative to conventional CT scans for individuals with Gorlin Syndrome.

The article provided in the link below gives full details of what a Cone Beam CT scan is, common uses of the procedure and benefits -v- risks.

A recent issue came to light when one individual with Gorlin Syndrome was offered  a conventional CT scan for detection of a jaw cyst but knowing the potential risk she sought further input from her Geneticist (a GS Medical Adviser) who confirmed that CT scans should only be used in exceptional circumstances due to the potential for the development of thousands of BCCs in the radiation field.  Our medical adviser has suggested that MRI or a Cone Beam scan is preferable.

Click the following link to read about Cone Beam CT Scans.