Frequently Asked Questions

Jaw Cysts

How often should screening be done for jaw cysts?

Normally, once annually unless advised otherwise by the oral consultant involved.


Why do jaw cysts grow so quickly?

Jaw cysts can grow to a tremendous size within a few years. This is a reuslt of the secretion of fluid into the sac.

Should I be x-rayed for jaw cysts?

Jaw cysts should be treated when small.  The only sure way of detecting a jaw cyst is by x-ray. It is therefore sensible for regular x-rays at intervals recommended by your geneticist or oral consultant and this will be dependent upon the number of cysts within each individual.

My mother and I have had jaw cysts. Should my children be x-rayed?

Yes. The importance of jaw cysts is to have them treated when small so it would be sensible to have x-rays in this case.

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