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Published on Friday, 05 February 2016 12:20
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Thinking about participating in a clinical trials?

In recent years many individuals with Gorlin Syndrome have participated in trials on offer in the UK. Before reaching a decision whether to take part many people have doubts and questions regarding the benefits and risks.  If you have been invited by your Doctor to give consideration to being involved in a specific trial he/she will be able to explain in detail what is involved.  

Still not sure and undecided? If so further detailed information is available at the UK Clinical Trials Gateway.  We hope you find this useful. 








about a talk you through the process. before taking the final step. The UK Clinical Trials Gateway is an extremely useful resource offering detailed information about what a trial involves.  It may well be that your Doctor has invited you to consider taking part you still have concerns about any aspect of joining a trial then do speak We hope that the information is of use to our readers.